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The success of a company consists of many individual successes. It is only through due diligence, competency and expert knowledge when working on individual customer requirements, with sustained effort and endurance that the overall success materialises. This applies even more so to our work:

Success through successes

That's our motto. At the focus of our interest with respect to the cleaning of metal surfaces are the individual requirements of our customers. For each specific task, we are aiming for success as contribution to the overall result.

The success of a washing process is not just based on the quality of the preparation product but also on the comprehensive view of the whole. The foundation for this is a good and trusting cooperation of all parties involved: That's you, our customer – that's the manufacturer of the washing machine – and, last but not least, that's us, with our water-based cleaners.

The selection or development of a suitable pre-treatment product must not be limited to the core task "clean surface" but must take into consideration all technical aspects. This also includes the service life extending measures integrated in the washing system.

The most diverse branches of the metal processing industry pose very different requirements to us. With our diversified range of Curatech products, we are able to approach each and every problem individually.

It is important to us to minimise the potential risk to people and to the environment when dealing with chemical products. Of course, the statutory requirements must be adhered to in accordance with the current state of technology.

"We are designing the future"

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