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OQEMA specialises in the development and manufacturing of products for the surface cleaning of metals in the industry (Curatech). Focused on various areas of use, these also include alkaline and neutral as well as acidic cleaners.

Our products of the "Curatech" series, specially designed for surface treatment in the industry, have been developed for the most diverse of tasks and range from degreasing via iron phosphating, zinc phosphating, and dephosphating all the way to the industrial cleaning of parts. Acidic cleaners, paint removers and derusting agents supplement our product portfolio.

Meticulous surface cleaning has a sustainable impact on the product result

The surface cleaning of metals is of significant importance for the production of impeccable products. Therefore, particularly steep, varied requirements are posed to products for metal cleaning and, additionally, also to the subsequent iron phosphating, zinc phosphating, or passivation.

The fitting product for metal cleaning

On our page for industrial surface cleaning, you will find the suitable product for metal cleaning for any purpose – spray cleaners for iron and all other meals are included just like rust-removing agents and phosphating agents. Do you still have questions regarding our products or regarding the surface cleaning of metals? Or are you looking for information as to which metal cleaner is the correct one for your purpose?

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